Dash The Stampeede

Once a bull fighter, now a hero with the heart of El Torro.

This fabled comic book hero has been around for over 60 years since the 1960’s. His ambiance is akin to the likes of Zorro and other masked crime fighters of Latin origin. Dashiago Torro was born to a long line of famous bull fighters in Spain. He grew up a child of privilege as his family owned huge tracks of land where both their cattle and their award winning bulls were raised. An only child, he began to take on the mantle of the fighter at an early age. By the time he was 14 Dashiago was slaying hearty fully grown bulls in the ring. When he was 19 his parents were lost to a shipping disaster as they were traveling throughout the Mediterranean for their business. Now the young proprietor was left trying

to learn how to manage his families bustling company, when all he had bothered learning was life inside the ring.


Dash The Stampeede All the strengths of a Bull, none of their weaknesses.
Fighter 4/ Ranger 4/ Rouge 4 HP: 140 Speed: 40 feet

STR 25
DEX 20
CON 22
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 18 4

BAB +11
F 9 6 3= 18
R 9 5 3= 17
W 3 3 3= 9

AC: 28 ( 10+ 6 Natural+ 5 Dex+ 5 armor+ 2 shield)

Grapple: (11+7+4)= 22
Overrun: (7str
4lrg+4quad+4impovrrn)= 19
Bullrush: (7str
4lrg+4quad+4impblrsh+2chrg)= +21

Gore: 21 1d813 plus 1d6 fire. x3
Goring Charge: 23 1d813+6d6+ 1d6 fire. x3

Human feat: improved initiative
class feats: quick draw, combat expertise, improved disarm, two weapon fighting.
level feats: flying kick, improved trip, combat reflexes, improved sunder. —
race feats: power attack, run, improved overrun, powerful charge.

Class abilities: Sneak attack +2d6, favorite enemy: animals, track, wild empathy, endurance, animal companion (lark), evasion, trap finding, uncanny dodge.

SQ: Low light vision, scent, speak with animals (herd/hoofed mammals)
Large Spirit: Dash is treated as being a four legged large animal for all extensive purposes.
This applies to grapples, trips, bull rushes, carrying capacity, disarm, ect. He does not have an extended reach.

Stampede (Ex): A frighted herd of cows flee as a group away from the source of danger. They automatically make an Overrun check over anything Large or smaller in their way. This Overrun also deals 1d10 damage per 5 cows in the herd (Reflex save DC 17 half damage). The DC is Constitution-based.

Thunderous Moo (Ex): A cow engaged in combat can moo every 3 rounds. This moo (Fortitude save DC 18), causes the Deafened condition for 3 rounds to all foes up to 15 feet (3 squares) who hear it.

Utlimate Bull Rush (Ex): Because cows are bulls, they are supreme at bull rushing. This ability serves as a regular Improved Bull Rush feat, except the Strength bonus to bull rushing is +7 instead of +4, and it also deals 1d6 damage.

Carrying Capacity: Light-798 Med 1599 Lrg 2400 Off ground 4,800 Push/drag 12,000

Equipment: Rhino Hide, major resistance, magic fang +3

Dash The Stampeede

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